Flow Web Introduction

Flow Web is a ground-breaking new cloud-based platform that allows independent retailers to compete more effectively with on-demand access to market wide key performance indicators.  This powerful tool allows you to access your company-wide sales and margin data from any internet-enabled device.

Flow Web is compatible with all of the major UK forecourt POS Systems and is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to gain new, profit-generating insight into your business.  It is an invaluable addition to any single or group of sites regardless of their specific configuration.

It provides powerful web-based reporting and charting functionality along with real-time text and email alerts to help you run your business more effectively.

Flow Web gives you answers to a variety of important questions including:

“Did we fail to sell a carwash by 10am this morning?”
“How did yesterday’s fuel volumes compare with the same days’ last week and last year?”
“Are our group’s 10 most profitable cold drinks being sold at each of our sites?”
“Should we expect sub-zero temperatures at any of our sites this weekend?”
“How have fuel volumes changed in the south-east over the last three months?”

Additionally, Flow Web allows you to share your data with selected retailers for mutual benefit and can facilitate the sale of your retail data to third parties.